Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Riding the 52

State Route 52 is about a mile from my home. After the expansion of the freeway, a bi-directional bike lane was created on the north side of the westbound lanes. I finally decided to give it a ride this morning. I have a 200K brevet this coming Saturday, but still wanted to get out for a short ride and this was perfect. Starting at the base on Mast Blvd, the summit has about 550 feet of elevation change over 2 miles. There was plenty of trash and other debris in the bike lane and since it was commute time, plenty of freeway noise.

The summit

Looking west down the hill. It was breezy with drizzle.

Looking into Oak Canyon - spent many years trail running through here. Always wondered what it looked like from the bridge above.

Spring Canyon - another place I've run the trails.

During commute time, have to watch for the end of the bike path. It's a blind corner with a big curb right before the stop light. Cars will not see you, they're all focused getting on the freeway, drinking their coffee, talking on the cellphone, putting on gender neutral make-up, and finishing getting dressed.

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