Friday, July 16, 2010

I Have To Do Training Rides

Now that I'm not a daily bike commuter, I actually have to train. In case you've just stumbled upon this blog, I used to bike commute on my LHT 28 miles per day, 4 days a week. My employer closed the San Diego office end of June. I started working from home end of May. It has taken some time to get into a new habit of riding, but I'm starting to get better. If I'm out the door by 5 AM, I can get a decent ride in before I have to be at my desk at 8 AM. I have put together a very nice man-cave and since I'm alone, I don't have to worry about offending my coworkers!

This morning I brought the camera along for one of my training rides - El Monte Park Out and Back. Very flat, about 25.5 miles. Part of the ride is very rural, with almost zero traffic. This was a peculiar day, we've been having triple digit temps. My north facing thermometer hit a high of 106.6 degrees at my home.

Sun is arising!

Looking down the road, the sun just floods the road.

Sun still trying to get above the hills.

There can be turkeys out on the road. No, not people driving, the actual bird! Blurry photo, but you can see them flying over the brick fence.

More sun, it's gonna get hot today.

Long shadows on the ride back home.

I plan on taking a camera along on all my rides now. Just never know what deserves a photo!

-- SurlyRando

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