Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Commute To Work in Photos Part Deux

It was another great day here in San Diego. Clear, sunny and 32 degrees leaving the house this morning. Decided to finish up My Commute to Work in Photos.

Long winter shadows entering Mission Trails Park

I've pretty much picked up where I left off from the previous commute post. This is turning right off of Ward St. The bridge in front of me is the 15.

Coming out of the little tunnel under the 15.
Camino del Rio North beside the 8 freeway.

Continuing along Camino del Rio North.

Tall bridges of the 805. I'm faster than the traffic.

Making my way to Mission Valley Mall. The big building on the left is the VA Building.

Met this rider along the way. He's retired, out for the day.

Riding past the mall. No traffic in the mornings, but it's way different on the way home.

Looking at the 163 underpass.

Riding past the Union Tribune.

Riding around the Union Tribune.

Past the golf course...

Past the hotel, plenty of them in Mission Valley.

Looking back at the 8 from the driveway to my building. Still faster than the traffic, and according to my calculations, I get the equivalent of 740 MPG riding. Lets see your hybrid beat that! :)

I've arrived!

You didn't sweat much on this commute. If you'd like to see what it's like to ride home after work, just read the blog posts backwards starting with this one.

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